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Startup Sign Up – Student Startup Matching Dec 2022

Are you a startup with a lot of new exciting projects and need help from a student? Then you should join Student startup matching!
At Student startup matching you get the opportunity to pitch your open position (internship, part-time internship, part-time job, co-founder, team-member) in front of 200 students. Students who find your startup interesting will apply for the position and mingle with you at the event.

This is a great opportunity to find really qualified students with a specific expertise. It could be within marketing, programming, social media, product-development, graphical design, design and many more.
The event will take place this spring.

What do we need from you?
– Fill in a form to apply (below)

If you get selected:
– Select one contact person
– Send us your startup logo and team picture
– 1 minute pitch (we’ll send instructions)
– Show up at the event (1 hour)
– Mingle with the students in your own room (1 hour)
– This event will be held in english

For more info: tim.omorogieva@drivhuset.se

Apply here

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