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The team of Cohabit offers furniture through a circular business model through rental.

Andrew the Plant Doctor

He services plants for businesses, private buildings, residential homes, and apartments – everyone who rents or owns plants! Let’s reduce the number of plants murdered, reduce waste, and help your plants thrive. 

Hemma Kocken

Amy has an idea for an app where you can buy food from private individuals at a good price.


Diana, Julia & Katarina have an idea for a subscription service for an environmentally friendly and modular toothbrush that contributes to a more sustainable future.

Swood Bikes

Franco, Negin, Alejandro & Jorge have an idea to produce a local, affordable and more sustainable bicycle by replacing non-renewable resources with wood from the Swedish forest.


Coline works on building the first sustainable condom brand in Sweden.


Hamza has an idea for a platform to be able to read and publish books in Arabic.

Hello Neighbour!

Rozarina has an idea for an app for the neighbourhood that promotes safety and a good sense of community to reduce food waste and promote a circular economy.

Earthquakes in Istambul

Özgün, Banu & Gözde have an idea for a digital platform that aims to provide citizens of Istanbul with information about buildings and potential risks associated with earthquakes in the city.


Emma works on her business idea about gift wrapping online for customers that want to save time and spread joy.

Cleaning is not only wiping

Jie has an idea for a transportable equipment for washing your intimate parts after toilet visits.

WIP – We Improve People’s Life

Arthur has an idea for underwear and equipment that helps men with incontinence, and at the same time gives the physiotherapist the tools they need to help the patient.

Funky Flavor

Miriam & Max have an idea for new experiences for a healthy lifestyle by offering finished fermented products and DIY kits.

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