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Hi! I am Zakariae and I study Swedish Language at Malmö University!

What is your idea? 
OSU is the simplest and most efficient experience to reach a higher number of brand advocates and maintain their loyalty. The main offering of OSU is a variety of pre-made branding and business development packages together with an appealing consultation Snack Pack and a chance to customize the pack. During OSU experience, you grow and prosper, it is necessary to look inside first. That’s when brand therapy steps in and during this journey you manage to go from current state to different perspective and beyond business goals. We are here to help your business idea, your startup, and your favorite venture grow, enhance and flourish – From, To and Beyond.
Get a snack pack for starters – Your branding journey starts now!

What is your vision for your idea? 
In OSU we love branding, the process and the end results of it. We focus on building loyalty through coherent brand creation – External and internal, Visual and contextual.
Our vision is to become the optimal corporate emotional Expertise reference through mutual feedback and branding therapy.

What are your next steps? 
Establish ourselves within the Swedish ecosystem and getting further exposure through networking, potential partnerships… etc.

How can people contact you? 
Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Instagram and our Website!

Follow Zakariaes journey and get updates about his Company on LinkedIn!

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