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Merely Emissions

Hey! We are Arvid Berndtsson and Ellie Fagerberg and study Information Architecture

What is your idea?
Indirect energy consumption caused by websites and web apps is seldom talked about, but the reality is that our web creations consume energy and produce a lot of emissions. Our product helps businesses to monitor and improve their indirect emissions and provides an easy way to report on the energy consumption caused.

How did you come up with your idea?
The idea was initially coined by Ellie when making websites, realizing that her websites have a unique benefit that most websites do not – low energy consumption. Later we realized that this idea solves an actual problem when reporting on sustainability.

What were the first steps you took when you started to work on your idea?
Our situation is somewhat unique as we started to work on the idea in connection with a project course. We started off by developing the concept and then creating an MVP that can be used to demonstrate its potential.

What are your tips for getting started?
Ellie: A valuable piece of advice for founders is to listen to tips and choose the ones that are truly helpful. It’s important to understand that not all suggestions are valid in your specific case, and your role as an entrepreneur is to filter out the ones that aren’t.
Arvid: I recommend reading the book “The Lean Startup”. It provides a lot of good points when it comes to creating a startup and an MVP. Release your product quickly and iterate even if it isn’t entirely done because you most likely don’t know what your customers really want.

What are your next steps?
Summer is coming up, and the focus is going to be on getting our first customers! We have an MVP, and now we need users in order to start iterating toward product market fit.

How can people contact you?
We’d love to get in touch; feel free to connect with either of us on LinkedIn:
Ellie Fagerberg:
Arvid Berndtsson:
Check out our website

Follow Merely Emissions on LinkedIn here and have a look on their website (

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