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Engage in change – because entrepreneurship is everybody’s business.

About us

“Entrepreneurship is everybodys business”. That is our vision, but what does it mean? Many people believe that entrepreneurship is about realizing business ideas and starting new, growing companies. Sure, it’s an example of entrepreneurship, but for us it means so much more. Entrepreneurship for us is about finding new sustainable solutions to create value for others and for the world. When changes happen very quickly, when it is no longer possible to ”do as we have always done” and when both people and businesses see obstacles and problems for positive sustainable development, entrepreneurship is an important key. Being able to create sustainable values ​​for others regardless of their context is essential for us to be able to develop and solve challenges whether they arise in our own everyday lives, in our workplace or in society at large. Therefore, entrepreneurship is everybodys business.

Our job is to train, coach and support people with concrete tools and our research-based methods – Loopa and Tookig, so that they can develop, test and implement new ideas that make a difference. The world is getting more and more complex, development is lightning fast, and what we perceive as true today might not be true tomorrow. This places increased demands on flexibility, the ability to handle uncertainty, the ability to see opportunities and an innovation-supporting leadership, skills that are often described as entrepreneurial. But entrepreneurial activities also increase people’s motivation, commitment and sense of meaningfulness. Skills and skills around value creation will be a high priority so that we can meet major societal challenges and deal with the changes that are taking place in the labor market and in society at large. Training people’s entrepreneurial abilities is therefore our core business.

Drivhuset in Malmö has a very broad business that engages thousands of people in different ways every year. We support people individually with their idea development through personal meetings, but also lead groups in entrepreneurial programs, educational initiatives and innovation labs for educational actors at various levels, public actors and the business community. What we invest in other people’s development, we get back in their commitment, creativity and willingness to improve. They make a difference for us, for others and for the world. We call this a sustainable business model.

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